Our Story

Heha (HEbat bersaHAja) Heha Production is a community-based Theater Company established in 2015. We provide educational and services in performing arts productions, films, Talent Provider and production management. With our dedicated force of passionate people from many performing arts fields, we are determined to provide professional quality process and result in acting and all important aspects surrounds it.

With our dedicated, experienced and passionate people from many performing arts expertise and creative industry spectrum, we are confident to provide professional production standard and all its complimentary aspects.

M. Satrya Ghozali

Managing Director

Nataya Bagya

Creative Director

Johanes Jagad P

Oprational Manager

Faudiyah Sari

Finance Director

Willem Bevers

Content Director

Indra Pacique

Manager Of Project Selasa (Prosa19)

Rizky Mocil

Marketing Director

Ardy Suseno

Account Manager

Carollus Gatot Rahmadi

Event Director

Andi Ardan

Account Manager

Studio Akting Heha (SAH) in Basic and Intermediate Level

  • SAH Kids (6 – 12 year old)

  • SAH Junior (13 year old and above)

  • SAH Pro (private mentoring for professional actor and self development)

  • Film environment orientation class

Event Services and Performing Arts

  • Theater / Musicals / Dance-theater Productions
  • Show Management
  • Stage Management
  • Production Team


  • Acting Coaching for movies
  • Talent Provider
  • Talent Coordinators for movie production

Our Partner


Penata Cahaya Indonesia

Halu Kreatif

Visual Organization